Analyzing process

Fully sealed to ensure biosecurity
  • Before analyzing

    Sample collection tube fully sealed after sampling

  • Analyzing

    Equipment pipeline fully sealed in testing

  • After analyzing

    Waste samples,kits,fluid and gas sealed in recycle process.

10Technical Advantages
  Of Advanced Feces Detection Platform

  • Patent sealed
    sample collection tube
  • Sample rack cycle
    track pipelining
  • Dual channel CMOS microscope multi-view CT scan imaging
  • Full use of high-sensitivity immunity sensor
  • Based on HOG and ANN microscopic pattern recognition and screening
  • Postioning pictures and identify the sample characters and reagent results
  • High frequency reciprocating pneumatic blending and sedimentation filtration
  • Quantitative gas column isolation sampling combining sample-suction needle spring cleaning and high pressure pulse counting cell cleaning
  • Patent reagent kit filling and recycling mechanism
  • Fusion screening
    Combine screening function of highly integrated operating software

6Performance Advantages To Meet The Demand Of Feces Detection

Thoroughly address the discomfort and displeasure caused by the color, odor and infectivity of stool samples.
Make fecal testing safer, more standardized, smarter, more efficient, and more pleasant.

  • Biosecurity

  • Clear image

  • Real-time screening

  • Reliability

  • Pollution Prevention

  • Total solution

Complete screening system based on
intelligent analysis

Sample colors and characters photographed clearly and automatic recognition
Test results of reagent kit photographed clearly and automatic assist interpretation
8 visible components of microscope test real-time screened automatically(positive cue and
negative exclusion),red blood cells,white blood cells,phagocytes,pus cells,fungal
spores(mycete),Charcot-Leyden crystal,fat globules,parasite eggs.

Automatic analysis of full hosting,
stable and reliable system

Analysis without staff on duty
Highly intelligent system automatic control and alarm
Resume operation immediately after the alarm information processing

Fluid path optimization of segmented to avoid cross-contamination

Sandwich type sample suction

Test sample

Column of air

Flushing fluid

  • The needle does not contact the sample when add liquid and gas,no residue inside or outside the needle
  • Sampling suction needle up-through positioning,avoiding suction with residue filtered.
  • Column isolation”sandwich” suctioning,ensure integrity of sample and no residue.
  • Sampling needle spring-flushin,avoid residue inside or outside the needle.
  • Flushing fluid adapted fluid system,avoid fluid residue in-pipe.
  • Counting cell path is no dead corner with streamlined design,avoid residual liquid in the cell.
  • High pressure pulse counting cell cleaning,clean thoroughly.
  • Reagent kit dropping needle noncontact sample,then high pressure pulse cleaning,avoid residue in needle-head.
  • Daily concentrated cleaning fluid,removing stubborn stains.

Technical parameters of FA160 automatic fecal treatment and analysis system

Self-produced reagent consumables provide a total solution for feces detection

Sample collection tube and equipment, washing liquid and liquid system
Self - developed reagent card and equipment