Sichuan Orienter Biotechnology attended the Medlab 2018 at Dubai, a world-class event showing the most advanced laboratory management and diagnostic solutions.


At the show, Orienter introduces its new premium feces detection system, Fully Automatic Digital Feces Analyzer with wholly independent intellectual property rights and its matching reagent products.


It features patent sealed sample collection tube and rack cycle track pipelining, ensuring biosecurity and pollution prevention, avoiding cross-contamination. Besides, based on HOG and ANN microscopic pattern recognition and screening, dual channel CMOS microscope multi-view CT scan imaging, high-sensitivity immunity sensor and integrated operating software, FA160 brings easy access to clear images and intelligent analysis with low system failure rate. What’s more, to provide a total solution for stool detection, FA160 system has self-produced supporting reagent consumables, radically realizing integrated automatic feces detection portfolio.


The first show in the Middle East of FA160 attracts a large number of visitors from Turkey, Iran, India, Kenya and so on. “Mind in China”, “a totally brand new product in the show”, and “special” are the most popular compliments from visitors, which shows their keen interests to our products, and trust and willingness to cooperate with Orienter. This will encourage Orienterees to stick to technology innovation, and to persistently offer safer, more standard, smarter and happier feces detection experience. 

Under customers’’ support and unremitting endeavor of all Orienterees, there would be a broad array of possibilities for Orienter in the future!