Since holding in Dubai for the first time in 2002, MEDLAB has become one of the largest lab expos in the world, accompanying with multiple industrial conferences, which promotes the development of diagnostic industry and patient management industry, and provides a platform for medical diagnostic professionals to discuss the cutting-edge technology and its development.

Since its foundation, Orienter has built and completed a comprehensive quality management system throughout the product R&D, material purchasing, manufacturing and marketing according to national standards, industry regulations and international advanced concepts. It has completed the construction of  R&D platform for fecal examination, biochemical reagents and chemiluminiscence products, achieved product transformation, and obtained various patents.

As one of the most important IVD enterprises in China, Orienter will attend this grand gathering with its most recognized product, it will take advantage of MEDLAB to communicate with customers and demonstrate its best products-FA160(Fully Automatic Digital Feces Analyzer) including its supporting products.

FA160(Fully Automatic Digital Feces Analyzer) provides one step solution to stool test without bad smell and leakage. —Automatic feces examination can be realized,freed the operator from tedious, dirty, dangerous manual operation.Test results are scientific and reliable.

The FA160 has six performance advantages to better meet demand of fecal examination.

1.Biosecurity-Fully sealed to ensure biosecurity

2.Image clearly-Microscopic image clearly   

3.Real-time screening-Complete screening based on intelligent analysis system

4.Stable and reliable-Automatic analysis of full hosting 

5.Pollution Prevention-Avoid cross-contamination

6.Total solution-Self-produced supporting reagent consumables provide the total solution for fecal examination

It has been used in more than 600 clinic labs in China,Europe and Asia , it must be suitable for your customers too.

Welcome to visit us at Hall Zabeel 2,Booth B30, MEDLAB 2019,in Dubai during Feb 4-7,2019.